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Om oss

Vår idé är rätt enkel: vi skapar snygga och sköna kläder i riktigt fin kvalitet för alla typer av personer och tillfällen.

Vårt fokus ligger på kläder man bär från midjan och uppåt. Med det menar vi t-shirts, toppar, pikéer, linnen, sweatshirts, hoodies, kepsar och mössor. Vi gör annat också, till exempel underkläder, sockor och byxor i samma fina kvalitet men vårt fokus ligger som sagt på överdelar.

DBOS Clothing AB äger och driver två registrerade varumärken, Douchebag of Sweden och Original Slacker Wear. Mer om dessa märken går att läsa längre ner på sidan.

Original Slacker Wear ®

Apparently a slacker is a person that would rather spend his or her time laying around on the couch doing nothing than going to work.

However, if you were to ask us we would say it´s just an ordinary person who knows how to enjoy the simple things in life, such as comfortable clothes and hanging out with other relaxed people.

And yes, sometimes on a couch. So release your inner slacker, suit up and enjoy life.

Original Slacker Wear - for passive athletes.
Because sports is best on TV.

Douchebag of Sweden ®

Douchebag of Sweden is a life style clothing brand with a lot of attitude. Regardless of who you are or where you’re going you’ll look good in our high quality clothes.

Please note that there is nothing to suggest that a person wearing our clothes is or should be a douchbag (whatever you might read into that word). We’ve created a brand with good looking, high quality products that anyone will feel comfortable with.

Our motto is ”Whether heading to the couch, the gym or work - suit up and look your best in comfortable clothes”. Together with our pay off “Street, sport & slacker wear” we cover all personalities ranging from the fairly or extremely sporty type to the cosy couch potato.

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About us

Our idea is quite simple: we make high quality, comfortable and good looking clothes for everyone, anyone and all occasions.

DBOS Clothing AB is the owner of registered trademarks Douchebag of Sweden and Original Slacker. Please read more about these two clothing brands below.

For our external clients we focus on making clothes "from waist up". By that we mean t-shirts, tops, tank tops, sweaters, hoodies, caps and hats. We do procude underwear, socks and pants in the same high quality but our focus is above waist.

Get in touch

For general questions please send an email to one of the suggested addresses below. If your enquiries are of more delicate nature, pick up the phone and give us a ring.

Contact information

Do you wish to send old fashion mail, real paper made of trees (we really prefer not)? OK .. here´s the address:

DBOS Clothing AB
Oriongatan 5 B
SE-907 52 Umeå

General questions:

Mattias Kling, Brand Manager
Tel: +46 (70) 295 73 67